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30 Day Guitar Player

Become a Solid Guitarist in just 30 Days

Just picked up a guitar for the first time? You can start rocking in just 30 days using our step-by-step proven method! Built with a solid structure, this course will teach you to play the guitar starting from absolute zero. You’ll learn techniques, musical concepts and different music styles. The course is fully TABBED and includes daily workouts, songs, riffs, licks, riffs, backing tracks and everything you need to become a solid guitar player! 82+ videos and 5+ hours of massive content!

Professional Guitarist

The Fastest Method to Become a Pro

The fastest method to reach a pro level in guitar in just 10 Minutes a day. Covering everything you need to become a professional guitarist. 180+ videos and 8+ hours of massive content and increasing regularly! See the progress in a matter of WEEKS not MONTHS! Follow our Mastery Method to increase your speed, improvise, play rhythms, chords, solos and arpeggios in just 10 minutes a day.

Interactive TABS

Access the courses and all future updates forever!

Interactive TABS

All the notes played are tabbed using our interactive system. Slow the lessons down or speed them up, zoom in to video or TABS as you like!


Get all your questions answered by our instructors and other guitar players learning just like you in our community of guitar players