Sound Like a Rockstar with Any Guitar Rig

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Tone In The Fingers is a STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE for anyone who wants to save thousands of dollars that would be wasted on expensive gear. This will work even if you are a beginner or a seasoned player.

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What's Included In The Program?

Tone In The Fingers

Get the full Tone In The Fingers Program.

Step-by-step guide to the proven Guitar Articulation Framework. Once you learn this framework I can guarantee that you will sound so much better with any guitar or guitar gear even if you are a complete beginner or a seasoned player.

This same framework will also enable you to play faster and to play with more emotion.

Community Access

When it comes to improving in your instrument and getting new skills under your belt, a community is EVERYTHING! With your purchase of my setlist, you’ll get VIP access to other artists with my programs and can have any questions answered by either myself or other members!

Join monthly Q&A’s where I answer your questions and help in your guitar journey

Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro Discount

Guitar Pro is a tab reader/editor designed to streamline your learning process. This software allows you to play along with TABS, adjust the tempo, loops sections, and much more, making it easier than ever to master new exercises, solos, and licks. 

Meet Your Instructor

My name is Deniz Sayman and I’ve had my guitar for as long as I can remember.

I have bought and sold guitar gear that’s worth much more than 100.000’s of $’s and end up frustrated with my guitar sound.

I thought my rig sucked, so I tried various guitars, amps, processors, pedals and plugins. I’ve lost thousands of dollars because I was constantly buying and selling stuff and still didn’t sound as good as I imagined.

One day I attended an in-person Q&A session with Marty Friedman.

They gave him the worst guitar I’ve ever seen that was built by someone in the audience and a Fender amp. But the guy still sounded like Marty Friedman.

That experience opened my eyes and I’ve started my journey to earn that skill set, to sound great with any guitar rig.

Since that day I’ve studied with some of the greats like Joel Hoekstra, Jennifer Batten, Greg Howe, Martin Miller and many more. I’ve played countless gigs ranging from playing in my home to my friends and family to bars, venues and huge festivals.

And guess what the #1 thing I’ve learned throughout this entire journey is…?

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get the guitar sound of your dreams. You don’t need the most expensive rig to sound great.. 

Once you master the basic framework you can sound great with any guitar rig. Once you get better, the quality of the guitar rig starts having lesser effect than you, the player.

AND THAT RIGHT THERE is what inspired me to launch GuitarMastermind.com and create the world’s most affordable online course for helping guitar players quickly develop the skills required to sound great no matter which guitar or guitar rig they may have and regardless of their level.

But I get it, you probably don’t really care about who I am and why I created this platform…

Right now, all you care about is CAN I ACTUALLY HELP YOU!

Well, since launching Guitar Mastermind in 2020, over 50,000 people have enrolled in the program and the feedback is in…

People are blown away at how fast they can become a pro guitar player when they follow a proven step-by-step process.

I hope you’re as excited as I am for you to begin this journey!

I host a weekly Q&A call every single week in our private community. I hope to meet you soon!

Want a Preview of How I Put These Skills Into Work?

Here you go!

I Know What You're Thinking... I Know How To Play It But Do I Know To Teach It?

Here's video of one of my students!

100% Satisfaction

100% Satisfaction Guarantee​

Guitar Mastermind has a 7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely SATISFIED and ENLIGHTENED by the 30 Day Guitar Player program, then contact us within 7 Days for a full refund, no questions asked!​


Tone in the Fingers was designed to turn someone who’s not happy with their guitar sound —-> into sounding like a rockstar (even if they are a beginner or a seasoned player).

We’ve helped people who have literally never touched a guitar before, all the way to people who have been in the industry for years but want to up their game even more.

The most common word used to describe Tone in the Fingers is “FUN”.

We have helped guitar players at both ends of the skill spectrum.

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this program for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

The program starts on 01 May 2024

Youtube is a fantastic resource with more free tutorials than any individual is capable of watching on improving your guitar skills.

We even produce 10 to 20 minutes worth of free tutorials for guitar players every week for Youtube!

But a side effect of only learning on Youtube is that you’ll waste dozens of hours learning the same thing, searching for tutorials only to find partial answers and not having precise exercises designed to help you truly learn the skills you’re after.

If you want to develop your skills FAST, then 30 Day Guitar Player is for you. 

Plus, what is your time worth? 

This program will save you weeks of frustrated time searching for answers and rapidly increase your guitar skills. 

For some – thats $69 well spent!

If your time isn’t worth that yet… 

Stick to Youtube until it is!

The only Must-Have guitar gear is a guitar and an amp or an audio interface that you can get sound from! Guitar Mastermind will give you a step-by-step process and show you how to become a professional guitar player with nothing but a guitar and an amp.​

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