Electric Guitar for Beginners (30 Day Guitar Player)

Learn electric guitar from scratch. This course aims you to enjoy, have fun & learn how to play electric guitar.

Deniz Sayman · August 22, 2023

This course aims to show a path to everyone who wants to learn guitar and build a solid foundation on the instrument together. I will be there for you during your journey, you’re not alone only with the videos! 

I created this course to share my 22 years of experience with music and especially electric guitar. During my journey I studied with legends like Greg Howe, Jennifer Batten, Martin Miller and Debbie Davies. I also practiced music theory & music production.

During these years I’ve been on the stage countless times; both small venues and big festivals. I’ve taught more than a thousand students both face-to-face and online for more than 15 years. With this experience I know common mistakes that most of guitar students make so I can anticipate them and warn you about them even before you make them!

In this course we’ll build a solid foundation on the electric guitar. We’ll also work on how to apply music theory to your guitar playing to broaden your vision on the instrument. Don’t worry, no sheet music will be used 🙂 And I promise you’ll love what you can achieve when you learn these concepts.

After each topic you learn, there will be an example related to that topic. There are song, guitar melody, guitar solo examples that I prepared for you. I recorded all the guitars, drums and bass guitars with the greatest sound quality. You can mute my guitar and just play over those backing tracks, play the same exercise or try your own melodies. It’s about having some FUN!

Styles You’ll Learn

  • Pop
  • Blues
  • Rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Metal

How My Course Is Different Than Other Courses?

Besides the 22 years of experience and months spent to prepare this course with highest quality and detail; I use a Video / TAB & Notation integration application. In the resources tab of each lesson, you’ll find a link. In that link you’ll be able to practice the same lesson video with the TABS played along with the video (and notations if needed)! 

With this application you can:

  • Slow down or fasten up the videos & tabs (so if you need to practice an exercise slow, you can just slow it down!).
  • You can zoom in & out of tabs & video.
  • You can run the application fullscreen on your tablet, phone and computer. No need to download anything.
  • If you are left handed, you can rotate the video so you can view the videos like they are played with a left handed guitar.
  • Lessons are split into sections in this application. So you can jump exactly to the right moment you’d want to listen again.
  • In examples (songs, melodies & solos) you can mute my guitar playing and just play over the backing track I prepared.

Community & Asking for Guidance

When you sign up to Guitar Mastermind, you’ll be added to a private students group. You can join that group and share your performance, ask for feedback and guidance. I’ll also be active in that group.

You can ask any of your questions on Guitar Mastermind aswell!

So, let’s get started and have some fun! 

About Instructor

Deniz Sayman

Deniz Sayman was born in 1987, graduated from Hacettepe University Physics Engineering in 2009 Deniz studied guitar and music theory with great teachers, including legends like Joel Hoekstra(Whitesnake, Cher & Trans Siberian Orchestra), Greg Howe, Jennifer Batten, Martin Miller & Debbie Davies. He also studied music production, singing, drums, keys and bass guitar. Since 2004, Deniz played in various bands and been on both small and big festival stages. After his time working as a recording assistant in a music studio, he created his own studio and continued his work there. 2014 Deniz started a YouTube cover project with his singer İzgi Gültekin. 2015 Deniz formed Hard Rock Band “The Madcap”. The band released the first record “The Madcap Rising” which all songs and lyrics were written by Deniz in 2017. The Madcap toured various cities & countries, been on big festival stages and played in front of an audience of 40.000. The band is now working on the new record which Deniz composed 9 songs for. Since 2018 Deniz started created courses on Udemy and had more than 10.000 students! 2019 Deniz created his own guitar learning platform Müzik Üniversitesi (TR) . 2022 The Madcap has released a new music video Livin’ in a Crime Scene. 2022 The Madcap has toured Turkey with their “Touring the Crime Scene” in various cities, venues & festivals. 2022 Deniz has become Schecter Guitars artist. – The Madcap founder, guitar player, back vocals & songwriter. – Schecter Guitars Artist – MSG Member ( Music Composers Group) – Splawn Amplification Artist – Grossmann SG-Box Artist

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