How Good Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder Actually Is?

Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder FR-S Birch Green

Schecter’s Sun Valley Super Shredder guitars have been in the market for a while now. The playability, the sound and the extra features are something that we need to talk about. We’re gonna cover every major detail, talk through whether or not you can get any sound you want with it and finally make the judgment is it worth buying right now?  

My name Deniz Sayman from Guitar Let’s dive into it.

My Sun Valley has the ebony fretboard, maun body and maple neck materials with a bolt on structure. The bridge pickup is an EMG Retro Active Hot seventy and the neck pickup is a sustainiac. It also features a floyd rose.

I’ll show you some sound samples starting from high gain to crunch, clean and finally sustainiac, which gives you infinite sustain and upper harmonics when engaged. I’ll talk about how I customized the guitar with this awesome pickup featuring my band The Madcap’s sigil on it.

Let’s start  with High Gain stuff, bridge pickup

There is not much of an audible difference between the bridge and middle positions. The sustainiac on the neck is not an actual pickup, instead it applies an EQ filter to the bridge pickup. I think that’s the reason the middle pickup sounds just slightly different from the bridge pickup.

I really love the sound and ease of play of this guitar. What do you think? Please let me know in the comments.

I’ve played this guitar on a few festivals and venue shows which were very hot due to the lights and all the chaos going on around and I can tell it has a very stable tuning. I didn’t even have to tune it once during a show.

The tremolo arm is one of the easiest that I’ve played in my life. You can make big dives without spending too much energy or getting your shoulder ache like some of my other guitars with harder tremolos.

Let’s hear some Low Gain – Crunch stuff

You may be wondering about this pickguard. It’s custom made by Alperious Pickgruads. After I became a Schecter artist, I received this Sun Valley super shredder. Before that I played a hot rod Jackson SL-1 for more than ten years on live shows, festivals and music videos. It’s very unique in my country so people identified the hot rod pattern with me here. I always try to differentiate myself on the stage. I know the hot rod flames pattern is more common worldwide but now I had the chance to look different than the rest, with a custom made pickguard. So I asked Alperious to make me a pickguard with a black, metal background, The Madcap’s sigil on it and of course painted with flames!

Let’s hear some Cleans.

The EMG Retro Active Hot seventy is really, really hot. It’s sometimes hard to tame it, so you need to adjust your presets accordingly. Normally I mostly play high gain and reduce the gain using the volume knob on the guitar. So I can get clean, crunch and high gain sounds without even touching any pedals or switching amp channels.

I realized that with the Retro Active Hot it isn’t easy as with the other pickups because its output is too powerful. Instead I prepared different presets on my Kemper Stage for my cleans, crunch, riffs, lead fills and solos and reduced gain even more on the clean and crunch presets than I did with the other guitars. 

And finally the sustainiac. It gives you infinite sustain when engaged. It has three modes. The first mode gives you only infinite sustain. The second mode gives you infinite sustain plus first upper harmonics. The third mode gives you infinite sustain plus the second upper harmonics. 

Did you like the guitar? Did you like how it sounds? Please let me know in the comments.

Let’s rock and I’ll see you in the next videos!


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