How to Play Barre Chords Easily?

Give me the next five minutes and we’ll fix your problems with the bare chords.

Hi guitar players I’m Deniz Sayman from Guitar Mastermind and in this video I’m going to show you my framework that will help you fixing your problems with the barre chord and actually this framework will help you fix any problem on the guitar..

So let’s dive into this secret framework.

The idea is to split anything you’re having problems with if you’re having problems with bar chord split it into smaller pieces.

Learn and master those smaller pieces then combine all the pieces together to form the perfect barre chord.

Or you can actually use this approach to any technique you want

Let’s dive into the bar chord version..

Barre Chords Easy Version

Let’s say you’re trying to play an A major barre chord

First thing is to get the index finger fretting to all of the strings.

You need a consistent sound from all of these strings but it may be hard in the beginning but let me show you the technique first.

Most of the beginners tend to only apply force from the tip of their index finger but we need to apply a consistent force through our index finger not only the tip.

You need to apply a pressure throughout your index finger to the fretboard

Think of it like this we are applying a force to the fretboard with our index finger and even the bottom part should apply a pressure..

I know it’s still hard to get so we will split this into smaller pieces even smaller pieces because we removed these notes from the chord but we’re going to split this even more into smaller pieces.

Easy Barre Chords First Step

We’ll start with the first and the second string try to get a consistent sound from both of these strings and try to make your index finger parallel to the Frets.

You need to apply Force to both of these strings try to get that first try to get sound consistent sound from first and the second string.

In the beginning try to play them at the same time so the next step is trying to get trying to achieve the same with second and third strings playing third and second string try to play them separately.

Easy Barre Chords Second Step

So still we are applying pressure from this part of our finger to the fretboard now we’ll add the first string so we’ll need to expand the area we are applying pressure in our index finger instead of this area we need to expand it a little bit more more to get the first string as well so now we’re playing three strings at a time we’re playing third second and first string my index finger is parallel to the fretboard and applying Force to all of these strings try to play them at the same time.

Once you get that one step further we are going to play third and fourth string only two strings again

So we get the consistent sound from three and four now at the second string again expand our pressure points a little bit

more now we’re adding the fourth string the first string so we’re playing 4 3 2 and first string so we need to expand the area we applying force a little bit more even more so we started from this area expanded it a little bit and now we need to expand it a little little bit more and apply more pressure to the fretboard.

Easy Barre Chords Third Step

And you get the idea once you get that go to the fifth string play five and four once you get that 5 4 3 again once you get that 5 4 3 2..

Now we’re adding the fifth string again adding the first string and now we need to expand our area of pressure a little bit more like nearly to the bottom of our index finger increase the area and apply Force Through the fretboard..

You get the idea.. Just add fingers one-by-one and combine them together.

Final Step to Easy Barre Chords

Now that you’ve solved the index finger try to add chord notes – the remaining fretting hand fingers one-by-one.

While pressing with your index finger try to add your ring finger first. Once you get the perfect sound, try the other two fingers SEPARATELY!

Then add combine 2 fingers at the same time.

While playing the barre chord with your index finger try to add your third and second finger. Once you get a clean sound change fingers and play with third and fourth finger.

Final 2 finger combination will be the second and the pinky..

Until now you’ve separated each single section of the barre chord into pieces and mastered them all.

Time to Play the Barre Chord

Now it’s time to combine them all. You’ll realize how much easier it is to play the barre chord now that your fingers are adjusted and ready to play the chord itself!

I hope you found this lesson helpful but don’t forget to watch and learn from the video too!

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